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Our Vision

Our Family of Schools will be widely recognised as one of the elite group of educational providers in the country, known widely for its outstanding teaching, outstanding inclusion, and outstanding staff development.

Our children will leave our care as lifelong learners and responsible citizens ready to meet the challenges of the future. They will be kind and hopeful, resilient and respectful; celebrating difference, confident to take risks, skilled in critical thinking and equipped with the skills and knowledge to take on the responsibility of the welfare of the planet and its citizens.

Every child will have an educational pathway that meets their needs from age 3-16 in the Riverview family.

Our 2026 Mission

Every element of the Federation to be internally assessed and externally verified as Good or better and have an outstanding reputation in the Local Authority and beyond.

The Federation to have outstanding outcomes at all key stages, with all subgroups of students making positive progress against national and local averages.

The Federation to have outstanding central team and finance functions.

Overall attendance and that for different subgroups within every element of the Federation to be above national and local averages.

The Federation to be known for its outstanding support and professional development for teaching and non-teaching staff.

The Federation to have achieved its aims for growth and development, as laid down in its annual improvement plans.

Our Values

Inspiring leadership by example with clearly communicated decisions based upon integrity, transparency, fairness and kindness.

The highest of expectations for our students and our staff. A belief that children can rise to these expectations when challenged, nurtured and inspired by great education professionals.

Every one of us should Respect each other, take Responsibility for our own actions and be Resilient when faced with difficulties and setbacks. Failure is a natural part of learning and should be embraced, not feared.

We build inclusive environments, where we seek to make every child feel safe and happy and capable of success. We seek to overcome barriers together, working in partnership with our stakeholders.

Our staff are our greatest asset. We must care for their mental health, support their professional development, train them to be future school leaders, and inspire them to be brilliant role models for our children.