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Values and Expectations

Our vision and expectations are at the core of everything we do. They underpin our teaching and learning, and provide an environment which promotes confident, happy young people.

It is vital that, whatever the circumstances, the educational needs of that child or young person are met in the most suitable setting to enable that young person to receive the most appropriate support and provision and secure good outcomes. We endeavour to meet the individual child’s needs so they may thrive, not only in education and consequently employability, but life too.

Our values of Learning, Safety & Respect underpin the provision and its goals.


We want to inspire our young people by:

  • securing a highly skilled and well supported workforce who can inspire young people.
  • ensuring that Headway meets statutory expectations, ambitious standards, and quality assurance processes.
  • ensuring there is a sufficiency and range of high quality alternative provision and interventions to meet the diverse needs of learners and keep young people in learning and achieving.
  • ensuring that the needs of all the students are met and that any external or internal issues are dealt with in house or by working with various professionals to source help.


We will provide our young people opportunities to succeed by:

  • intervening early through effective identification of need; high quality targeted provision in schools and clear and accessible referral routes to alternative provision.
  • creating a nurturing setting where all staff and students feel safe to express themselves to learn and thrive.


Respect for our young people is paramount and we will:

  • ensure there is a collective responsibility for safeguarding and promoting student well-being.
  • listen to and respect what children, young people and their families have to say and design services to meet their needs.