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Learning Managers

Please contact your child's Learning Manager in the first instance.

Staff Member Year Group Email
Mrs McKinlay Year 7
Mrs Preston Year 8
Mrs Fearnley Year 8
Mrs Atkin Year 9
Mr Brown Year 10
Mrs Cutillo Year 11

Heads of House

Staff Member House Email
Miss Hamilton Blenheim
Miss Pink Halifax
Mr Parker Lancaster
Mr Scruton Stirling
Miss Naylor Wellington


Classroom Teachers

Staff Member Subject Email
Mr Allen English/Media/Digital Literacy
Mr Atkinson Science
Mrs Berry Design Technology
Miss Bilbe Science
Miss Blackburn Maths
Mr Bowsley Humanities
Mr Browne Design Technology
Mrs Burnham MFL
Miss Charlton The Arts
Mrs Clifton English
Mr Cook PE/Sport
Mr Cuthbert Maths
Mrs Dolby Science
Miss East MFL
Miss Fisher Maths
Miss Fretwell Science
Miss Frobisher PE/Sport
Miss Grant Humanities
Mrs Graves Humanities
Ms Hallett Music
Miss Hamilton Drama
Mrs Haynes PE/Sport
Mrs Horton Humanities
Mrs Houghton Maths
Ms Howard The Arts
Miss Jackson RE, Citizenship & PSHE
Miss Keay English
Mrs Kelly Maths One to One Tutor
Mr Lawson Maths
Mrs Mann Design Technology
Miss Matthews The Arts
Mr McNaught PE/Sport
Miss Melia English
Mr Moxon Science
Miss Naylor Dance
Mr Newton Humanities
Mr North Business & Finance
Mr Parker Maths
Miss Pink Humanities
Miss Pool Science
Miss Preston PE/Sport
Mr Reagan Business & Finance
Dr Rice-Adams SENCO
Mrs Rimmington Science
Mr Roberts Business & Finance
Miss Roberts Maths
Miss Sach English
Miss Saxby Science
Mr Scruton English
Miss Shepherd Maths
Mr Smy ICT
Mr Spence English
Mr Stevenson English
Mr Taylor Science
Miss Toyne English
Mr Trainor Humanities
Mrs Ullah Maths
Mrs Walton Science
Mrs Ward Science
Miss Wiley Science One to One Tutor
Mr Wilson Design Technology
Mr Winch PE/Sport
Miss Windmill English
Miss Woodford English
Mr Wright PE/Sport
Mrs Wright-Phillips Science
Miss Wyatt Maths