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The five Houses are:


Unity and teamwork teaches the fundamental qualities and offers opportunities for people to learn vital skills to ensure our children develop academically and personally. Together, we will construct a house that every pupil and form tutor is proud to be part of. A house where Baysgarth’s expectations are consistently met and everyday successes are celebrated. Blenheim will reach and support each and every child to the best they can, now and in the future.

The Blenheim Bomber was originally created as a commercial aircraft but impressed by it's performance it became a plane that would serve our country and help lead us to victory. We need to recognise our own abilities and the abilities of others to make sure our house is on top. Blenheim House will uphold Baysgarth’s expectations and ensure these are consistently met, whilst celebrating success every day.

The success of this house should be measured on the ability to develop well-rounded citizens, ensuring our pupils are equipped with the tools to thrive within school and the community. To achieve this, we must encourage the pupils to participate in diverse extra-curricular activities, from learning to play an instrument to running charity events.

With student well-being at the heart of everything we do, we pledge to make school a positive experience for our pupils. We will ensure, by supporting and championing our children, they feel valued and supported in achieving their maximum potential. Along with passion, positive relationships and creativity, we will continuously look for new ways to inspire and motivate students, making their time with Blenheim, a chapter to remember!


Welcome to the first ever Halifax house here at Baysgarth. It is such an exciting time to be leading you all in a house that represents each and everyone of you and together using the power of yesterday to better ourselves.

During World War II, Lincolnshire was home to more airfields than any other county in England, giving Lincolnshire the unofficial name of ‘Bomber county’. It played a vital role in protecting the life and values of British citizens and the allied forces. The humble Halifax, based at RAF Elsham Wolds flew 70% of the time during WWII serving as a mainstream goto workhorse aircraft.

As an Engineering teacher I have a strong belief that every situation has a solution. It is this determination through a tenacious & versatile approach that we will endeavour to succeed throughout our personal and academic performance. We will not stop until success is achieved doing so collaboratively.

Fundamentally our approach in Halifax is that there is one purpose, which is to serve. It is this service where you’ll demonstrate your character and personality through everything we do. Your commitment in and out of the classroom and the wider community through charitable support in helping others to feel and do better than before.


The new adventure for Lancaster house has begun in 2022 and the house's tenacious nature and community spirit will lead to great success and amazing adventures and experiences.

The Lancaster Bomber was a formidable part of the air force and was far and away the most effective British bomber of World War II, pushing the country to a victory and protecting our nation during tough times. The strength and courage of this impeccable machine and the values that it represents will be reflected in each member - both staff and pupil - of our house and the approach we give to all challenges that we will face. The community we are part of as Lancaster house will be the foundations for us all to develop, grow and improve. Togetherness is the key to success not only in school, but in life and supporting one another to be the best version of ourselves.

Lancaster House will be driven by our core values of community, tenacity and dedication, and these will underpin all we do and will ensure that all members of our house have the right opportunities to be successful and celebrate. The community spirit across our house and within our tutor groups is a key component of and this will be the cornerstone of our success over the coming years, allowing Lancaster to face any challenge head on and to show all others of the strength they have.

Fundamentally, we are ready as a new house to make history just like the Lancaster Bomber has done, and our togetherness and dedication to one another and those around us will ensure we fulfil this ambition! Let’s make history!


A new adventure awaits: a mission to lead another great house. Just like the Stirling Bomber that symbolises us, my aim is to also forge a morale-building force to be reckoned with, one that others will respect and admire. We all know that any great machine needs a passionate team to drive it forward, and with your help, we can reach new heights of success.

As a machine the Stirling had its critics- it wasn’t perfect due to the restrictions placed on it. Nevertheless, it became one of the most dependable machines. It made the best of its skills and was acclaimed as being ‘second to none as a battler with a fighting spirit.’

Luckily, Stirling House has no restrictions placed on it. We can fly as high as we want and set new records. But like the Stirling, there is grace and decency in remaining humble. We will always have a strong spirit at the core of our house, one that remains steadfast when we face daily challenges and possible defeats. Every member of the Stirling team- both students and staff will be encouraged to face challenges together. No one should ever feel overlooked, hidden or ignored.

Most importantly, we are also here to protect and loyally serve those in our care. All the cogs that make the machine work need a helping hand. Together with the support network in our school community, we will do our very best to ensure all our students receive the time and care they deserve.


As the first ever Head of House for Wellington, I am excited to be able to lead a House that will represent the values, beliefs and morals of all of its members. We have a unique opportunity to create a House that builds on local history and tradition whilst also being shaped by current issues and the ever changing world around us.

During World War II, Lincolnshire was home to more airfields than any other county in England. It played a crucial role in protecting the lives of the British citizens and the allied forces. The Vickers Wellington was a British made, long range, medium sized aeroplane that was designed in the 1930’s. During the war, they were based locally and flew from both RAF Elsham Wolds and RAF North Coates.

Coming from a sporting background, I love competition and truly believe that it has the potential to bring out the best in every single person. I hope that this can be reflected in the house cup where we will compete against the other houses to prove that we are the best house within the school.

We will be driven by our House values which must be carefully considered and be relevant to not only our time at Baysgarth, but also the rest of our lives. Integrity, Courage and Inclusivity are the 3 values that will underpin everything that we do as a House. It is important that we strive for the best but equally as important that we conduct ourselves in the correct manner and support each other through the journey.

Charity and community support are integral parts of what motivates us in Wellington. Each year the student leadership will democratically decide on which causes we will pledge to support and will host fundraising events across the year in order to maximise our contribution. This year’s chosen charity is Huntington’s Disease Association.