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Your child's Form Tutor will be one of the few members of staff they will see every day during their time at Baysgarth.  Form Tutors are also, in most cases, the first point of contact for parents and carers who have questions or queries.  Therefore, we aim to foster a positive relationship with all families in this area. If you need to contact your child's Form Tutor, you can find contact details here.

Click below to view this week's Tutor PowerPoint

We encourage all families to view our weekly Tutor PowerPoint, sharing important information and news relevant to both students and parents.

The 2023/24 Tutor Time schedule can be found below.

See what your child will be undertaking during Tutor Time each day broken down by Houses.

What is "Learning for Life"?

Learning for Life is where we explore ongoing issues in our community, country and across the world in order for students to have a more well rounded view of the world. We explore everything from looking at regions of the world and their cultures, such as the Pacific Islands and their cultures, to exploring Men's Mental Health, Anti-Bullying Week, Learning Disability Week, Safer Internet Day and much much more!

What is "Team Building"?

Team building aims for Tutors to have some fun and build some positive relationships with their Tutees. The games are often puzzle solving, where the form needs to work together in order to solve it, or tough brain games such as Sudoku.

What is "House Challenge"?

House Challenge is where the forms are put to the test and pitted against each other on a whole-house basis! This normally comprises a weekly quiz that Tutors need to complete with their Tutees that can be based on absolutely anything. The form must work together to pick the right answers and the results of this contribute to our House Cup and the winning House at the end of the year.