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Building connections

Tackle Loneliness Head On

Building Connections is an NSPCC service available to young people up to the age of 19, who are experiencing loneliness. 

There are many reasons a young person may experience loneliness and 'Building Connections' offers the opportunity to have the support of a 'befriender' to guide you through the programme. 

Types of issues 'Building Connections' can help with are:

Transitional periods: such as moving to a new school or area

Emotional health: including stress, lower self-esteem, social anxiety, low mood or social isolation

Friendship issues and bullying: for example struggling to make friends or maintain relationships with peers, feeling a lack of connection with the people they view as friends or experiencing bullying or cyberbullying

Sense of otherness: the young person may experience a sense of ‘otherness’ due to how peers have reacted to their sexual or gender identity, race, religion or other protected characteristics