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Exams Officer: Mrs Woodward

Exams Assistant: Mrs S Briggs


Please refer to the below documents for information about the Summer 2024 GCSE season.


General Information

Below, you will find useful information relating to the examinations your child will be taking and how you can support them.  Students can also refer to the dedicated Exams Google Classroom for information and regular updates from the Exams Team. 

Organisation of Exams

The Examinations Officer is responsible for the administration and organisation of all aspects of internal and external examinations in accordance with the regulations laid down by the awarding bodies. Your child will sit exams throughout their time at Baysgarth in preparation for their final GCSE exams.


Exam dates are set by the Exam Boards and may change. It is not possible to give confirmed dates for exams until exam entries have been made and provisional timetables have been published. For the summer exam period, this is towards the end of February for GCSE exams and March for GCE exams. For this reason, the Exams Officer is unable to give actual dates of exams to parents or students wishing to book holidays. Parents are reminded that pupils taking time off for holidays require the Head Teacher's permission and taking time off during any exam period will not be authorised, may incur charges to you if an exam entry has been made and could also incur a fine from the Local Authority.

Students must make every effort to attend their exams. If they are feeling unwell, please let school know as soon as possible in advance, as it may still be possible to make arrangements to accommodate your child for the exam.

If a l is absent for any exam, it is important that parents ring school (01652 632576) as soon as possible. In cases of illness, a doctor's certificate will also be required. In all other cases, unless a satisfactory explanation can be given, parents will be charged entry fees for missed exams (between £6.00 and £40.00 per exam).

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact the Examinations Officer at school who will be happy to answer your query.

Examination Certificates

Your child's examination certificates are very important and are evidence of their achievements in recognition of their hard work. If your child loses them, they are very expensive to replace, so we ask that students look after them carefully.

Summer GCSE certificates will be available for collection from the main school reception from the following November. Further details will be sent to students and parents directly.